The Keralase Treatment combines the LaseMD Ultra Fractional laser with Kerafactor Serum. This treatment is designed to stimulate hair growth in men and women who are suffering from classic adult hair thinning, sudden hair loss after pregnancy, or during postmenopausal years.

What is Kerafactor?

After extensive research, Kerafactor was designed to address thinning hair with a specific selection of 5 bio-identical growth factors and two skin proteins. Each growth factor’s concentration is significantly increased and tailored for scalp revitalization. This customized approach answers those typical growth factor deficiencies causing hair loss and poor scalp health. The skin proteins assist in scalp circulation as well as hair health. Kerafactor delivers large quantities of key growth factors and proteins into the scalp that lead to significant improvement in scalp health and vascularization – leading to hair rejuvenation.

Why combine it with the LaseMD?

The LaseMD uses a fractional, non-ablative laser to quickly and painlessly deliver energy to the scalp and upper dermis in a manner that slightly dries the scalp and creates microchannels which has shown to increase skin absorption over 5 times. Without the laser, topical hair treatments are minimally absorbed by the scalp. The LaseMD is specifically designed for maximizing the absorption of topicals into the skin.